we need original stories

We as humans love a good story and proof of this is never far away.  It’s common to leave a movie theater and hear people say….”The effects were great, the actors were some of my favorites and the soundtrack was epic but the story was weak.”  No amount of fluff or hype can make up for a lack of story. And at the same time we can forgive much in presentation if the story is engaging.

No amount of great animation will save a bad story.
— John Lasseter

The TV and movie industry has engaged a new way of creating shows and films over the last few years.  We’ve entered into the world of franchise movies.  If the first movie is successful, we can be nearly assured that sequels will follow, usually using a similar formula.  This sometimes results in several great films or shows, but oftentimes, the greatness of the original story gets watered down and is lost as the franchise becomes more important than story.  

The franchise demands that the same actors, composers, and director are involved and while more money may be poured into the project, the result is still an uncompelling story.  The audience suffers and is ultimately turned off by one simple fact- people long for an original story.  This world aches for better stories.  It is an inalienable compulsion in human nature to live out the greatest story possible and we are always on the hunt for inspiration.

Our lives can play out like a cheap sequel or they can be an original, inspiring epic.  It’s so easy to live a life that conforms and imitates those around us.  Our family, friends, religion, and environment, at times tells us that conformity is preferred and that trying something new or different is evil.

We believe that those who see the world differently should be celebrated, and those who see possibilities should be encouraged.  Creativity and imagination are beautiful gifts that help stir the deepest places of our souls and help us live our greatest story. 

Which stories have inspired you?  Are you living your greatest story?