writing a new ending for your life story

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
— Maria Robinson

It’s a new year with new possibilities.  It sounds trivial to say this and we all do, but in reality it’s true.  The amazing thing about life is that in actuality each day offers a possibility of a new start, a fresh beginning.  For so many of us January is a slightly slower month of the year.  The days are darker and shorter, we’re recovering from the holidays, budgets are new and usually spending is slower so we have time to think.  So let’s think beyond resolutions, beyond simple behavioral changes.  Let’s ask….how do we want out story to end?  Once we look at the ending then we can start figuring out how to write the middle.

While it’s true that we only have one life to live, the good news is that our life is more like a book than a short story.  It consists of chapters, with different settings, different subplots, different phases.  And thankfully each chapter also presents the opportunity to start anew, to not only move beyond the past but also the opportunity to start over.