We've created this space to share the stories and adventures of the amazing and inspiring dreamers, believers, and doers who we meet as we travel the world. 

When we first started to travel outside the US more then 20 years ago, we were not necessarily looking for the extraordinary among the ordinary, but we found them all the same.  No matter the heart language, the continent, or the people group, we discovered a group of kindred spirits who embraced curiosity and bravely pursued their dreams.

Our lives have been forever changed by their courage, their gumption, and their passion.  These are people who want to do great things, change the world, and live great stories…and that is just what they are doing. 

Whether we are photographing, branding, consulting or writing, we share a deep love for the people we interact with and the stories their lives are telling.  We hope to encourage others by sharing our own experiences and all of the things we are learning through this amazing group of dreamers, believers, and doers.

This is our creative space where we share stories, ideas, thoughts, photos with the hope of inspiring you to be hopeful and inspired.

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